Waterproof Cloth / Gaffa / Duct Tape

Waterproof Cloth / Gaffa / Duct Tape

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  • Multi-use cloth tape
  • Strong, secure and waterproof
  • Available in black or silver
  • Excellent adhesion

Our waterproof cloth tape (also known as gaffer tape, gaffa Tape or duct tape, has hundreds of uses around the home, office, garage, workshop and garden.

It has great adhesive properties and is strong, waterproof and hand tear-able. It is invaluable for applications requiring a strong, flexible and very tacky tape.

Duct tape was initially used during World War II to hold ammunition cases closed and to repair minor damage to military equipment such as weapons, jets and land vehicles! Another indication of it’s strength / reputation – it was used by NASA during spaceflight operations on a number of their Apollo vehicles.

Size – 50mm x 66m. 

**Priced and sold per individual roll. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

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